Review Stargazer by Claudia Gray

I loved the first book of the Evernight serie, so obviously I have to read the second one. In Stargazer, Lucas and Bianca are separated ,since we have discovered that Lucas is a member of Black Cross which is basically a group of vampire hunters and they have to sneak out to see each other.

What I liked :
- It’s really difficult for me to make a choice between Lucas and Balthazar, I love them both. My favourite scene between Lucas and Bianca is the one in the observatory room which is so romantic, except for the end. I also enjoyed reading Lucas’ letters (so cute!!). As for Balthazar I love the scene in the Modern Technology room, where they are playing video games … and they end up kissing on a couch and drinking each other blood ! I guess it’s because of that scene that I can’t fully belong to Team Lucas, but I guess Hourglass will make me change my mind.
-The introduction of the ghosts pleased me, and I liked all this mystery around Bianca’s conception (Will she become a vampire ? a ghost ? I think I have an idea, but I will read Hourglass with a complete naivety)
What I disliked :
There’s not much that I didn’t liked except for the fact that I would have liked the whole ghost thing to be a little more “deepen” … (I don't know if deepen is English or not, sorry ^^ )
Here are some of my favourite quotations :
“I’m not so good with words. I think you know that by now, huh ? If you come to Amherst, I swear I’ll find the right words to say. Or maybe we won’t need words at all”. Lucas to Bianca
“You gotta learn how to take a compliment, because I’m not going to stop making them”. Lucas to Bianca (so sweet)
“"Are you nervous ?"
"Kind of", I admitted
"Don’t be, I’ll take good care of you, I promise” " Balthazar and Bianca
“I imagined the print of Klimt’s Kiss in my bedroom above us slowly curling up and blackening, fire consuming the lovers forever.” Bianca
I can’t wait to read Hourglass. Actually, I will begin to read it right after having posted this  =) 
Plot :  ★★★★ 
Characters :  ★★★★★
Ending :  ★★★★ 
Writing : ★★★★★
Cover :  ★★★★★
By the way, the first book of the  Evernight serie is going to be published in France on 02/03/2011 (Pour nous français, le 3 Février 2011). Here’s the cover, that I totally dislike, and what bothers me the most is this : “Et si Roméo et Juliette étaient des vampires” which in English means “ What if Romeo and Juliette were vampires”. I totally disapprove ... it makes the story kind of "cliché" to me which is not. 

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  1. Thank you, I'm not the only one thinking the French cover is ugly. In this book it's really difficult to choose between Lucas and Balthazar, I agree!