Thank you Marie !!!

As I told you in a previous post, a friend of mine (IfMary Books) won a contest and got to meet Maggie Stievfater in Paris. You can take a look at her post in which she's telling us about her day, she has also posted some great pictures !! She was so nice because she asked Maggie to sign my copy of Shiver and she also gave me a signed bookmark !! She is organizing a giveaway on her blog and you can win prizes (it is only open to France though) !!
My first YA book signed !!! =)

An awesome Shiver/Linger (on the back of the bookmark)  bookmark with quotes !!

She also brought me some Vampire Academy swag (posters and bookmarks of Vampire Academy and Frostbite).  

Thank you  so much comrade, you're the best !! I can't wait to go to the Paris' book fair with you, it's going to be awesome !!! 
Don't forget to take a look to Marie's blog guys !! Thanks again Marie


  1. Haha you're welcome ! I wish you were there with me but Paris book fair in March together will be awesome !
    Thank you :) <3

  2. Yeah we'll see the movie together comrade :p !!!!

  3. What a great friend! That's so awesome!
    LOVE the new header too! :)

  4. Thanks for your comment Katie ! =)