It's Monday ! What are you reading ? #10

It's Monday! What are you reading is hosted by One Persons Journey Through a World of Books. Each week, I will tell you the books I am reading, planning on reading or just finished reading.
 This week has been a good one !!

What I've read : 
Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles.
Entangled by Cat Clarkes (review here) 

Tempestuous by Lesley Livingston.

What I'm reading :
The Devouring by Simon Holt.

Tristan & Isolde (in French for College)

What I'm planning to read next : 

Soulstice by Simon Holt (book two in The Devouring series)

What about you guys ? How was your week ?


  1. I haven´t read any of them..

    I just finished The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern.
    And are just about to pick up Evermore. To get startet on that one :D

  2. I'm jealous! You've already read like 7 books this year while I read only 5 maybe 6. I envy your free time. *hugs* You've got wonderful books waiting to be read. I can't wait to hear what you think of them.

    What I'm reading today

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL covers! They all pop! I can't wait to read your reviews!

  4. Tu ne lis que des livres aux couvertures magnifiques :)

    Bonnes lectures pour cette semaine.

  5. Are the books by Simone Elkeles good? I keep hearing mixed reviews on them.

    Love the covers for the books you're reading!

  6. awesome books this week! i've been wanting to read rules of attraction and wanting to get my hands on tempestuous even though i haven't read the first two (i just want to get the whole series on my shelf--is that weird? lol).

    thanks for stopping by our IMM post.


  7. I haven't read The Devouring. Can't wait to hear what you think :)

  8. Chilling book and great choice of teaser.
    Can't wait till you write your review on Soultice next :)

  9. I haven't read any of them (but heard of most of them) the covers are so amazing! :D