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Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?
Wow err ... be right back :) !!
I have about 30 unread books on my shelves .. I actually have a shelf with all my unread books.. Here it is : 

What about you ? :)


  1. Your TBR pile isn't as bad as mine. I have 92 Paranormal books to read. >.<

  2. Wow, look at your shelf so pretty and organized Elodie! My books are scattered all over the floor of my guest room (well they're in stacks, but the floor space is dwindling), I really need to get some shelves! 30's not TOO bad, that's a doable number. If you don't buy any more books in the meantime. Which is impossible:) I think I have around 80 on my TBR pile, oops!

  3. Ooo it looks like you have some great books to read! I have my read and to-be-read books all mixed together, I have a feeling if I didn't I would go crazy from my huge tbr pile lol! Hope you're having a great weekend Elodie! :)

  4. I actually have two entire bookshelves of books to read o.0 I last time a i check I was at over 350 TBR books. Yeah its bad. I feel like I<m at the store when I pick my next read lol

  5. Lol oh to have only 30 books to read on my TBR shelf. Yeah mine takes up 5 different shelves that go three books deep. I have about 400 unread books sitting on my shelves. Oh who am I kidding my pile is more like a mountain at this point.

    I hope you enjoy those books as you get to them :)