In my mailbox (02.25)

In my mailbox was started by Kristin (The Story Siren) and inspired by Alea (Pop Culture Junkie). It is a way to share the books we receive each week in our mailbox or books you've bought or find in the library.

I'm posting this early as I don't know if I'll be able to do so tomorrow  ..

Bought : 
Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (hardback)
I really can't wait to start reading this one as I loved Delirium and I love this cover !! 

Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead (paperback)
This is the fourth book in the Dark Swan series .. I've only read the first book but I've ordered the whole series !! 
Swag : 
I also picked up some bookmarks at my local bookshop :
-A French bookmark of The Iron Queen 
-A French bookmark of Delirium/Pandemonium

What did you get in your mailbox ? :)


  1. Wow, the cover for Pandemonium is so pretty! Love the colours. :)

  2. Nice! I can't wait to receive my copy of Pendemonium ^^

  3. Ah, here are two books I have to read really really soon ! The covers are just awesome !! =)

  4. Enjoy your books - I still need to read Delirium, I should get on that. Happy reading :)

  5. I'm so jealous of Pandemonium! I can't wait to read it! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week! Come check out my IMM!


  6. I can't wait to start Pandemonium!! It's my next read and I'm excited. Shadow Heir looks awesome...I love that cover!

  7. Wow, Pandemonium looks so different than the US version. I like the (French?) Shadow Heir cover better. I hope you enjoy fhe books, Elodie. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Pandemonium!!! I just like screaming the name :)) I feel like such a slacker. I have Delirium but still haven't read it yet. Is the Dark Swan series any good? I actually haven't heard about it. Great mailbox, Elodie!!

  9. I love seeing your cover for PANDEMONIUM :) This one...I think I'll just flash review. It is SO hard to review sequels--esp. middle books! Oh, and on your poll? If you don't choose GRACELING, I'm pretty sure that I WILL disown you...

  10. Ahhh Pandemonium! Oh my goodness I cannot wait to read it! We must talk about it after you've read it! I still need to read the Dark Swan series, but that cover is so breathtakingly beautiful! Swag is always awesome too and it being in French makes it that much cooler! Hope you're having an awesome weekend Elodie! :)

  11. Ooh, I like the covers for Pandemonium & Shadow Heir! They look great,

    Hope you enjoy them :)

  12. I LOVED Pandemonium! I hope you like! I actually liked it more than Delirium because I could felt like I understood Lena more in Pandemonium. I had a hard time relating to or understanding her behavior in Delirium until really close to the end of the book.

  13. J'ai lu seulement 80 pages de Born Wicked mais pour le moment j'aime beaucoup !!!
    Oh elle est jolie cette couverture de Pandemonium ! C'est quelle édition? Je l'avais jamais vu celle là !