March Wrap-up (RAK wrap-up included) :

Number of books read : 7.
21/90 books, I'm on track !

Favourite books of the month : Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead (review) and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (review).

I didn't receive anything this month but that's fine because I was able to send one book to a blogger that I really like :) !!
Here's my R.A.K. wishlist in case you'd be interested in sending me a R.A.K. in April.

I sent 13 to Life by Shanon Delanny and some bookmarks to Kate @ Kate's Book Life. I was not a fan of this book but I'm really hoping she will enjoy it though and I look forward to know what she thinks of it !! Go check out Kate's blog because it's amazing !!


  1. I've heard such good things about John Green's books, I really need to give one a try. Maybe this newest one will be a good place to start:) And glad you're on track with your reading challenge Elodie!

  2. Thanks so much for my rak cant wait to read it I have been after it for ages sorry to hear you didnt like it. Sorry I never sent you out a book I really did want to but I have no job therefore no money I have to depend on my mum so I can only send out to the UK but I see your moving to Ireland (jealous) so I will maybe send you one then :)
    Thanks for blog hype am glad you like it :)

  3. That's awesome that you are on track with your reading goal. I was doing so good with mine for a while but then I started slacking a little bit. Oops :)
    I've loved seeing how many people have enjoyed The Fault in our Stars. Wasn't it such a good book?
    Hope you keep staying on track!

  4. Hi Elodie: I'm just finishing Spellbound #2: "Duplicity" (hurrah!) As soon as draft one is complete, my first priority is to do a print run on "Entangled" and mail you a copy!!!

  5. I hope April is a much better RAK month for you. Happy R.A.K.ing!