Review : Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead

Goodreads : Eugenie Markham is a shaman for hire, paid to bind and banish creatures from the Otherworld. But after her last battle, she's also become queen of the Thorn Land. It's hardly an envious life, not with her kingdom in tatters, her love life in chaos, and Eugenie eager to avoid the prophecy about her firstborn destroying mankind. And now young girls are disappearing from the Otherworld, and no one--except Eugenie--seems willing to find out why.
Eugenie has spilled plenty of fey blood in her time, but this enemy is shrewd, subtle, and nursing a very personal grudge. And the men in her life aren't making things any easier. Her boyfriend Kiyo is preoccupied with his pregnant ex, and sexy fey king Dorian always poses a dangerous distraction. With or without their help, Eugenie must venture deep into the Otherworld and trust in an unpredictable power she can barely control. Reluctant queen or not, Eugenie has sworn to do her duty--even if it means facing the darkest--and deadliest--side of her nature. . .

My thoughts : Thorn Queen is the second book in the Dark Swan series .. I read Storm Born two weeks ago and enjoyed it .. didn't love it though, but as it is Richelle Mead and I read everything she can possibly writes I've decided to read the whole series and so I bought the 4 books. First, let me just say that I don't like this cover at all, mostly because I don't picture Eugenie at all like this girl and also because of this loud blue.
I really enjoyed this second installment : it was fast paced enough for me and the plot was good. I'm also glad because I managed to connect with Eugenie this time and care for her... Regarding the male interests, I'm still rooting for the same man : Kiyo sucks, Dorian rocks !! I really really don't want Eugenie to be with Kiyo ... She must absolutely end up with King Dorian otherwise I'll be very pissed !! So far this series is really one of the kinds in which you keep wondering whom the heroine is going to end up with .. and I very much enjoy this kind of books.
The last 50 pages or so of the book were awesome : packed with action, very moving and intense! I'm definitely very satisfied with the ending of this one and I really can't wait to read book 3 (which I'm starting tonight actually) !!
Overall, Thorn Queen was a very good read though I still can't say this series is awesome, mosty because I know Richelle Mead can do way better than that. I really look forward to read Iron Crowned as I was extremely glad of the way Richelle Mead left things at the end of book 2.

4 Stars : I really liked it !!


  1. I'm glad you liked this book! I haven't read anything by Richelle Mead, but I've heard the best things about her books. I love that you liked the fast-paced plot and connected with the characters. :) Fabulous review, Elodie!! <3

    1. You so have to read her Vampire Academy series, Sophia !! It's my favourite YA series ever !!Thank you so much for stopping by :)

  2. Wow apparemment tu as beaucoup aimé la fin du 2 j'hésite à continuer du coup j'aime pas ne pas savoir la suite ^^

  3. et enlève le word verification de tes commentaires c'est chiant XD

  4. I can't wait to read this series, even though you claim it is not as amazing as her other ones it does seem very interesting.

    Thanks for the great review. :)

  5. I agree ! I'm a HUGE fan of Richelle Mead but even though I like her dark swan series it's not my favorite. Her succubus series is much better i love it so much :) I finished reading Shadow heir two days ago and was pleasantly surprised by it. I had seen so many people ranting about how they hated the ending that I was a little bit worried...I do feel like there should be another book but I'm happy with how everything turned out I'm glad you enjoyed it too :)