Bella and Daph's Epic Review Month

The wonderful Bella & Daphne are organizing this Epic Reading and Reviewing Month that will focus on lowering your TBR pile. There will be a wrap-up post on each Fiday to link to all the reviews you will have posted during the week and you can win awesome prizes. There are also 2 readathons and a reviewathon planned, how awesome !!
This is actually amazing because I definitely need to lower my TBR pile as I can't bring many books with me to Dublin so it's the great occasion to do so .. I was also looking forward to participate in a readathon and I'm hoping I'll be able to do the ones Daph and Bella have planned !
You can check out Daph's post here and enter by making a post and linking to it :) !!


  1. Thanks so much for taking part! :D

  2. Hmm I'm already going to be doing Stephanie's TBR Reduction and Angela's Page Count Contest and Amanda's Bout of Books read-a-thon....I shall go see what this is about though :)

    Thanks for posting about it.