Guest Post : Nikki Jefford auhor of the Spellbound series

Today I have the great pleasure to have Nikki Jefford, author of he Spellbound series, on the blog ! I'm thrilled because I'm dying to read Entangled and Nikki is truly the sweetest ! 

Parlez vous français?
Merci to Elodie not only for hosting me today, but for her enthusiasm for the series. Since she is minus an e-reader, Elodie is at the top of my mailing list the moment Entangled comes out in paperback. And because she’s French. : )
I have a strong love of France and the French. For one thing, I married Sébastien, a Frenchman, when I was a teaching assistant in Amiens (September 1999 – April 2000). For another, when I was a 19-year-old traveling through Kenya a kind French family “adopted” me for several days. I knew right then I wanted to learn French. I think it’s the most beautiful language.
On the other hand…
Graylee Perez, the heroine of Entangled, insisted on Spanish.
The students and teachers at McKinley High think Gray is dead and have no idea she’s a witch. Until she figures out how to get back inside her own body, Gray must pretend to be her twin sister Charlene.
This proves problematic when she goes to Charlene’s advanced French class and the teacher asks the class to talk about what they did over the weekend.
The final bell rang and Madame Girard walked to the front of the class. “Bonjour,” she called out in a booming voice.
Bonjour, Madame,” the class chorused.
Bonjour. That was a word Gray recognized. So far, so good, though she would have been better off in Señora Gomez’s Spanish class in room 156 on the first floor.
The French teacher looked around the room. Gray slouched in her seat. “Monsieur Curry, qu’avez-vous fait cette fin de semaine?”
“J’ai fait mes devoirs. J’ai nettoyé ma chambre et j’ai cuisiné le diner—J’ai aussi étudier pour le français.”
Everyone chuckled.
Great, so not only was everyone semi-fluent, but they were making jokes.

(Later, when Madame Girard overhears Gray speaking to her partner in English, she puts Gray on the spot.)

“Mademoiselle Perez,” their teacher called from the front of the room.
Gray hit her knee a second time, sitting up in attention.
“Why don’t you share what you did over the weekend with the class?”
Gray could feel her eyes widening like saucers over her face. “Uh, oui,” she began. Her eyes darted around the room—all those faces staring at her. If only she could channel her mother, who spoke French better than most natives. Gray sent out a silent plea, but no one answered her SOS.
Madame Girard tapped her foot.
Gray cleared her throat. “I went to zee restaurant with my mozther.” Maybe if she spoke with an accent the class wouldn’t notice her words were in English.
There was a giggle. No, apparently everyone was on to her. Shay and Max had turned fully in their chairs to look at her.
Gray looked at the French teacher and shrugged helplessly.
She raised one very domineering brow. “Amusant, Mademoiselle Perez. En français cette fois.”

I wouldn’t want to be in Gray’s shoes! You can find out what happens next by downloading a copy of Entangled, gratuit – that’s free – during one of three amazon promo days: today, tomorrow or Sunday (May 23, 24, & 27).

Book two, Duplicity, releases this week. And don’t miss the Cover Reveal of book three, Enchantment, at designer Najla Qamber’s review site: Unputdownable Books on June 7th.

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(Entangled is available for ebook at amazon. It will return to Barnes & Noble and Smashwords once KDP select ends July 15, 2012.)

Entangled (Short Blurb):

Two months after dying Graylee Perez wakes up in her twin sister Charlene’s body. As a witch, can anyone blame her mother for attempting to bring her back to life? Now Gray’s stuck sharing her sister’s body every 24 hours.

The race is on for Gray to find a way back inside her own body before Charlene purges her from existence.


Nikki Jefford is a third generation Alaskan who found paradise in the not-so-tropical San Juan Islands where she is, once more, neighbors with Canada. She has a B.A. in journalism from the University of Alaska Anchorage.

After a whirlwind romance in France, Nikki married Sébastien in March 2000. They reside with Cosmo the wonder Westie.

Find her at:

I am dying to read this series and I absolutely love this excerpt !! I wouldn't want to be in Gray's shoes either, this must be a very embarrassing situation !! Thank you so much for this guest post Nikki .. Tu es formidable !! I really can't wait to read Entangled and thanks again for sending me a copy, I'm ecstatic !! 
Don't forget to stop by the other stops of the blog tour !!


  1. I definitely would not want to be in Gray's shoes either. I no zero French and even though I took 4 years of Spanish, I still would fail epically when put on the spot:) I understand it way better than I can speak it! I'm having fun following this tour, looking forward to learning more about Gray!

  2. Yay I'm excited to be reading this in a couple weeks. I'm French! Canadian french so it's very broken (we talk like the Cajun in New Orleans - they come from here actually I'm Acadian).

  3. I loved this post! I can't wait to have a chance to sit down and read Entangled. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Here is the thing about me and french ... I studied it at school for 9 years - yep nine! I studied english only 7 - I was nearly fluent (.. ok that might be not completely right) in french, but then, after years of not speaking this language nearly everything is gone ;(( It makes me sad! It's such a beautiful language!

  5. What a great guest post. I loved the excerpt! I hope I get to read more soon:)

  6. That's so cool you've got ties to so many places, Nikki! And it sure IS a beautiful language. I always wanted to learn it myself, but for some reason I stopped at German. I need to some time! :)

    Can't wait to read Entangled!!